Final Fantasy VII Models

    Two new hand-painted, hand-sculpted, limited edition Final Fantasy VII models are now available. The first is of Cloud sitting astride the Hardy Daytona. The second is of Tifa standing. Only a few thousand were made of each model, and as a result, the prices they are commanding is quite high. Tifa currently retails for $199, while Cloud is currently going for $399. As with all collectible models, these prices are subject to day-to-day changes.

    In Final Fantasy VII releated news, Square EA has confirmed they will release Ehrgeiz on the US Playstation in May. Ehrgeiz is a 3D fighting game, ala Tekken, made by Square and Namco, that features 6 Final Fantasy VII characters in its lineup, Sephiroth, Tifa, Cloud, Yuffie, Vincent, and Zack as a secret character.

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