Strike Gold and Silver with Pokémon

    More information on Nintendo's sequel to the original Pokémon has been released. The title, slated for a March release in Japan, will fully utilize the Game Boy Color as well as featuring many other improvements over the original.

    It will be possible to transfer old Pokémon to the new games, allowing them to evolve into previously unattainable forms. There will be over 100 new Pokémon and 200 new abilities. Pokémon will now have genders, and it will be possible to cross-breed them, creating Poké-babies.

    Time also appears to be a factor in the game, as Pokémon will sleep at different times, and certain Pokémon will only fight at certain times of the day. In addition, the battle screen has been redesigned, and instead of a bicycle, there is a skateboard.

    No mention of a possible US release has been made at this time. Stay tuned to RPGamer for the latest information.

Source: [Gaming Age]

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