Final Fantasy VIII Plot Summar

    The following information is a spoiler. You read on at your own risk.

    With the approaching release of Final Fantasy VIII in Japan, more and more information is being released concerning the plot of the game. While it was already known that Squall was in training at Garden, a school of mercenaries, it was unknown as to where Rinoa and others came into the story.

    When Squall is inducted into SeeD, the elite mercenary force of Garden, he attends a dinner party for the new recruits, during which he meets Rinoa. Although they do not reveal their identies at the party, Squall encounters Rinoa later, and discovers she is the leader of the Forest Owls, a rebel organization fighting against the nation of Galbaldia.

    The Forest Owls are not very effective in their battles against Galbaldia, despite being assissted by SeeD. All the members of Forest Owls appear to have little concern about the consequences of their actions.

    After meeting Rinoa, Squall has a very strange dream, in which he is Laguna Loire, a Galbaldia soldier who would rather be a journalist. In the dream, Laguna is on a mission with Ward and Kiros.

    Meanwhile, the nation of Galbaldia has annexed neighboring Dole, and has declared war on the rest of the world. The president of Galbaldia was assisted by the witch Edea. Because it is suspected that Edea is behind the recent Galbaldian actions, Squall is sent on a mission to assassinated her.

    Complicating matters is the appearance of Seifer, Squall's long time rival, at Edea's side. Seifer has two loyal bodyguards, Raijin and Fuujin who will also make Squall's mission harder.

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