RPG Rumors

    Bandai has been dropping hints lately that after Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeons, they may port other Square titles to their WonderSwan handheld. Rumored titles include ports of SaGa Frontier, Brave Fencer, and Front Mission.

    In PlayStation rumors, Tales of Dupion Cocoon has supposedly been picked up for a US release. Also, GameArts is rumored to have licensed their Saturn RPG Grandia to SCEA, who will release it on PlayStation in the US this year.

    In PlayStation hardware "news", the chairman of Hudson Soft told the Japanese news media that the PlayStation 2 will be released in Japan, during 1999. He also stated that the PlayStation 2 is capable of rendering all the effects of Terminator 2 in real-time, high resolution.

Sources: [The Magic Box and PSXIGN]

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