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Mew: Cute, but deadly

    Nintendo is doing a promotion with the secret 151st Pokémon, named "Mew." Supposedly, this Pokémon is extremely powerful, but very very rare. In fact, it is so rare that it cannot be obtained through a normal game. In the January subscriber issue of Nintendo Power, there was a contest form in The Pokémon Times, a comic/newspaper type insert Nintendo has been putting into subscriber issues of the magazine. 151 lucky winners will walk away with Mew, making this a very hot Pokémon.

    Also in the January issue of Nintendo Power, Pokémon Yellow (also called Pokémon Pikachu or Pokémon TV in Japan, as the player starts with a Pikachu,) has been confirmed for a North American release. One can only hope that this means Pokémon Gold and Silver (for Game Boy Color) are on their way as well. We'll keep you informed of any more Pokénews.

Source: [Nintendo Power]

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