Music Players
Player Platform(s) Version IT MIDI MOD S3M XM
Cubic Player DOS 2.0a++ X X X X X
Hippo Player Amiga 2.40     X X X
Delitracker - Aminet, mus/play Amiga 2.27 X   X X X
GMPlay - Aminet, mus/play Amiga 1.3   X      
Impulse Tracker DOS 2.14 X   X X X
MacMikMod Macintosh       X X X
Power Macintosh  
MacMod Pro Macintosh 5.11     X X X
MikIT Windows 95/NT 0.90 X   X X X
Linux 0.06
PowerMacintosh 0.07
MikMod DOS 3.0 X   X X X
Mod4Win Windows 3.x/95/NT 2.30     X X X
ModPlug Browser Plugin 1.78 X   X X X
Windows 95/NT 1.20
SoundApp Macintosh 2.5   X X X  
WinGroove Windows 95/NT .9E   X      

If you have questions concerning a music player, please contact the author of the player.
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