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  How can you be in two places at once...  

...when you're not anywhere at all?

If you can tell me where that quote was from, you get a prize in the form of a little image trophy banner which I will make up later, for you to proudly display on whatever website you have, in your locker, taped to your forehead, whatever!
Aside from that, I'd have to say that the opening of the section was a success, raking in 4 submissions in the first 24 hours! Keep sending them in!
Today, we have a very amusing .wav file from Whitney, as well as four wallpapers, all of which are worth checking out.

- Susan Emplit

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Image courtesy of GauHellDragon
Lavos as Lassie (.wav)
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Windows Sound Recorder

So, maybe I heard that Lavos screech one too many times when getting all those endings...

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Chrono Trigger Lavos as Lassie (.wav) [L][M][W] Whitney
Final Fantasy VII Group wallpaper [L][M][W] Agrias Oaks
Grandia Group wallpaper [L][M][W] Agrias Oaks
Wilds ARMs 800|1024  Collage Wallpaper [L][M][W] Red Skull
Xenogears 800|1024  Fei Wallpaper [L][M][W] Dee

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