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March 10, 2014

Welcome to a special all Dark Souls edition of the mailbag. I hope you all enjoyed Mr. Trent Seely filling in last time. I thought he did a fantastic job! Especially considering he actually tackled my insane challenge. Anyway, Dark Souls II drops at midnight tonight so let's talk about the first game, and of course a little about its predecessor Demon's Souls. You can check out my original review for Dark Souls right here if you're interested. Also if the Souls games aren't your cup of tea, will be back with some Final Fantasy, Tales, and perhaps South Park talk on Friday.

- Michael "Wheels" Apps

This Edition's Contents:

Happy Dark Souls Day

Tuesday is Dark Souls Day - my favorite holiday!

How are you celebrating? I think this is gonna be the best DSDay yet.


Wheels' Comment

I'm celebrating by grabbing the game at a midnight release! Then I'll be jumping right into my playthrough as quickly as possible. I'm hoping the game is worth all the excitement, as with a new director I won't deny I'm worried. Going through New Game plus for third time, I continue to be impressed by how fantastic Dark Souls is. So yeah, I guess I'll be spending my last pre-Dark Souls II time getting destroyed in NG+++!

Drinking The Haterade

@AskWheels Why is Dark Souls so awful? #realquestion Saying "it isn't" is not an acceptable answer


Wheels' Comment

Well that's odd, because "Dark Souls" is awful with no arguments isn't acceptable either. I could just end it there but I'll humor you for a moment. Dark Souls is a magnificent game. We can start with the classic Metroidvania style design, with a large interconnected game world that the player is largely left to figure out on their own. This combined with the multiplayer ideas taken from its predecessor create a game that mixes both new and old ideas into a fantastic package. The solid combat helps of course. There's a great weight to attacks, a wide variety of weapons and magic, and of course the stamina system to create tension in battle. Save for the Bed of Chaos, the bosses are enjoyable and not unfair by any stretch. There's some occasional bugs and AI issues, but on the whole none of the problems hold the game back. I think it's just not your cup of tea?

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Wheels' Comment

OK Mr. Aladdin den Ouden. This seems like it will be our eternal argument (more than Tales of Grace f vs. Tales of Xillia). Part of this boils down to differing tastes for sure. Still, I've seen far too many people ignore the plethora of issues in Demon's Souls. I've also seen plenty point to Bed of Chaos while completely ignoring the multiple lame bosses in their Souls of choice. I really think it's hard to argue that Dark Souls isn't the sounder game mechanically. You may prefer the hub based world design, and the levels that feel almost like a survival horror at times, but those things do not make Demon's Souls better. Also this is for you:

Madness Mr. Sword Saga, I am ready to DOMINATE Dark Souls II.

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Here are some hot topics I've seen around the net:

  • What do you think of the new Sonic Boom cartoon and game combo?
  • Where is Dragon Quest VII?
  • Will we hear about new BioWare projects beyond Dragon Age: Inquisition soon?

See you next week!

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