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February 21, 2014

Welcome to another edition of the Mailbag! You may have already seen it on the forums, but we're running a special challenge. Basically what you'll be required to do is replay your most hated/least favorite Final Fantasy and then send in your thoughts to the RPGamer Mailbag. You can find all the details about it in the forum thread here. One random entrant will get a free RPG of their choice (released this year)!

Also next week Mr. Trent Seely will be filling in for me, so be sure to leave him some quesitons and such in the RPGamer Mailbag thread! You can find tweet him at @instatrent.

- Michael "Wheels" Apps"

This Edition's Contents:

LOL Whoops

What tee shirt graphic do you think would translate into the best video game? Don't pick a graphic about an already existing video game, of course.

Wheels' Comment

This may be cheating, but I have a tee shirt with the character select screen for an imaginary Adventure Time fighting game. The selection of characters is spot on so I think it could be something truly spectacular. Other than that I can't really think of any shirt designs that would fit this!

Adventure Time
                            Fighting Game

What is the worst weather your area will have where you will still go to work/school/other obligations?

Wheels' Comment

Pretty much anything! I'm able to just hang home if the weather gets bad. Of course if the baby needs food or something like that I'd have to go out, unless it were impossible due to a blizzard or something.

Do you miss the days of physical strategy guides being worth buying (ie- before the internet took off)?

Wheels' Comment

I do. It was fun to collect them, and poring over charts and maps was a lot of fun. I still do it for some gamesgames. For example, I have one for Dark Souls, which has all sorts of useful charts. Even then, the vast majority of information is still available on the internet so it's hard to justify buying one. I don't think it's just the internet though, many games are so streamlined now that having a guide is pointless!

Man, I miss the Nintendo Power days.

Are there any characters in games that aren't main characters or even really important ones that you think are interesting enough to have their own spin off?


Wheels' Comment

That's a tough question, usually any sort of character that is interesting at all is at least somewhat of a main character. If I went with a "main character but not crucial to the main plot" approach my obvious choice would have to be Sazh. He was a blast to have around in Final Fantasy XIII but could really use a game that makes him the star. Actually I do have a good choice for this, and that would be Gogo from Final Fantasy VI. A completely optional character, you find him inside some sort of giant worm in the second half of the game, and there would have to be a really interesting story behind that.

Darkest Dungeons of Secret Advertising?

Hey there!

Wondering if you've seen/heard about Darkest Dungeon yet?  It's looking like a pretty sweet RPG/Roguelike and the Kickstarter just began.  I'm thinking a lot of the peeps on the site would like it.

Thanks Wheels!  I'm likin' the new format :D


Wheels' Comment

Normally I wouldn't use an e-mail like this as it can seem like a backhanded way to try and get us to promote something on the site, but considering the project is already funded I guess I'll let it slide. This certainly looks like a very unique take on the classic roguelike formula. Considering how much I enjoyed Guided Fate Paradox, we all know that I can appreciate new takes on the genre. I hope it turns out well! Kickstarter has produced some interesting projects and looks set to continue to do so for a while.

Top Tweets

Wheels' Comment

This ID Software talk was prompted by my extreme lack of excitement for both the new Wolfenstein and the new Doom. Rage and Quake 3 are really its only games to have ever stuck with me. Quake 3 is a fantastic arena shooter (with bots for offline play) so I played the heck out of that game in the early online shooter days, though not as much as Unreal Tournament. I can't really defend Rage, but it's solid as far as the engine goes and I found it to be quite fun. What are your favorite ID Software titles?

As for Final Fantasy stuff, I only hate the original version of Final Fantasy I. The battle system is too slow by modern standards, and honestly even by the standards of the time. I have no issues with the remake. I do have a fondness for the sprites in the original game, but the remakes are better for sure. As for Final Fantasy IV, this is a reference to when I was defending Final Fantasy XIII and threw IV under the bus. I love Final Fantasy IV, but it's tough to deny that it is a very linear game. That's not a problem for me just like it wasn't an issue for me in XIII. IV doesn't rank in my top five but neither would it rank near the bottom. That spot is reserved for XIII-2!

Hot Topics

Here's some hot topics I've seen around the net:

  • What do you think of the new Sonic Boom cartoon and game combo?
  • Still no Dragon Quest VII 3DS for the West?
  • Will we hear about new BioWare projects beyond Dragon Age: Inquisition soon?

Don't forget to leave Trent some questions and such for next week!

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