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[ Votes: 225]
Squarenet Kyle Smith
Find info, multimedia, and much more on all of your favorite SquareSoft games here!

[ Votes: 299]
Castle Keep: The Review Palace Zephyr Blayze
A website of game reviews, done by a staff of 8 people. Reviews are available for many different genres on all major platforms (a large percentage of the games are RPGs).

[ Votes: 220]
Console Unlocked Alien Venom
How to make the most of your video games!

[ Votes: 149]
Final Fantasy RPG Yardsale
Welcome to Final Fantasy RPG! The home of the world-renown Final Fantasy RPG Play By E-mail. We currently have quite a number of participants playing various characters which were built using the Returner's FFRPG system, but we've got room for more potent

[ Votes: 93]
World of Final Fantasy III Mikel Tidwell
The World of Final Fantasy III (VIj) is a place where you can explore the World of Balance. To help you on your way, Tour Guides Locke and Terra travel with you as you meet the rest of the FF6 cast.

[ Votes: 140]
The Art Corner Wei-Ling Lorelai Wu
An art critique site run by yours truly ^_^ This site was inspired by the discontinued "Critique Corner" that debuted on RPGamer in mid-1999. Come and visit us; you'll find a *lot* of familiar RPGamer faces...

[ Votes: 179]
Ladies of Squaresoft Frustrated
RPG information, Female RPG character profiles, mp3s, and a sweet lovable webmaster.

[ Votes: 117]
RPGStuff - Video Games, Anime, and Chaos! Amber
Classic site, still under massive re-construction... future features include a massive Playstation utility section, and updates to ....the other sections. ;) Big MIDI archive as well.

[ Votes: 27]
Penumbra Sarah Trout
The official home page of the upcoming RPG, Penumbra

[ Votes: 94]
The Neo-Highwind Sharleen Hii
Pertains mostly to Square's Final Fantasy series, but features other games as well. Also features some weird stuff like a gallery of edited pictures for your amusement, info on Final Fantasy's many Cids, trivia, and more.

[ Votes: 248]
Project X Daniel Steinke
A site detailing 5 High school seniors' quest to create an RPG. Complete with project logs, screens, downloads, and even some other stuff we did while having fun with a digital camera.

[ Votes: 53]
War of the Red Dragons Stephen Pipoly
Play on of the greatest free online RPGs, all email based so you play on your own time! Create your own character, using him in an intricate story and participating in challenging battles.

[ Votes: 77]
Dragon Ball Shrin Shaun
Dedicated site to give you loads of info on the hit DBZ and the other sagas created by Akira Toriyama.

[ Votes: 81]
The Legend of Suikoden Michael Huh
This is a website that is dedicated to Konami's flagship RPG series, Suikoden. It features character information on the "Stars of Destiny" in both Suikoden I and II. More character information will be updated frequently as time goes on. It also has an ima

[ Votes: 122]
video game humor Defiled
the first few times I tried sending this it wouldn't go through, so I don't know if you might have received the description or not. Anyways here it is: Funny Video Game related humor for anyone who's held a controller. Funny fanfiction, fake screenshot

[ Votes: 16]
The Dark Side of the Role Playing Moon Dan Vincent
A (small) RPG site focusing on fan work, music, and many miscellaneous topics that are sure to brighten your day!

[ Votes: 4]
H cubed: Hector's Homepage Hector Chavez
It's funny, so laugh. It's strange, so ponder. bask in the glory of my site

[ Votes: 44]
Darth Fett's RPG HQ DaRTHFeTT
Hey, sup. I think you'll like my site, I dont wanna brag but its pretty god for a guy who hasn't reached high school yet. It hasn't benn updated for a while- ill try to add more as soon as I can. Let me know what you think. L8er

[ Votes: 36]
Cozy Paper Min Kwon aka Keiiii
An artist's site containing fanarts from various RPGs and other games and a lot more to show. Quality guaranteed!

[ Votes: 41]
The Whole in the Universe: Fanfics Bubbawheat
Fanfiction just off the mainstream. Many fanfics for games like SaGa Frontier and Persona, as well as over 2,000 signs that you may be playing too much video games.
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