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03.30  Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PS4
03.30  Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo Vita
03.29  Secret of the Stars SNES
03.28  Adventure Bar Story 3DS
03.09  Fairune 3ds
03.09  Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Vita
03.03  The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D 3DS
03.02  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS

03.16  Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (Impression) multi
03.11  Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae (Impression) Multi
02.24  Hand of Fate (Impression) PC
02.12  Darkest Dungeon (Video Impression) PC
02.02  Criminal Girls: Invite Only (Impression) Vita
01.29  Kinki no Magna (Impression) 3ds
01.29  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Impression) Multi
01.07  Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (Preview) Multi
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04.07  Bastion
04.07  Dark Souls II
04.07  Etrian Mystery Dungeon
04.10  Xenoblade Chronicles
04.16  Telepath Tactics
04.28  Omega Quintet
04.30  Chroma Squad
05.05  Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Break Record
05.14  Knights of Pen & Paper 2
05.19  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

03.31  Story of Seasons
03.31  Toukiden Kiwami
03.26  Pillars of Eternity
03.24  Bloodborne
03.24  Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo
03.20  Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear
03.17  Final Fantasy Type-0
03.17  Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
03.17  The Awakened Fate Ultimatum
03.13  Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.


Review - Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Patience pays off, as Final Fantasy Type-0 is finally available in English. Whether it was worth the wait or not depends on what you enjoy about RPGs and how much you're addicted to the Final Fantasy XV demo.  03.30 17:45
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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Review - Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo
Mecha RPGs have been sadly lacking in the West for the last decade. Arc System Works is perhaps hoping to start a revival with this short, but fairly sweet, isometric action title.  03.30 15:59
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Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo
Review - Adventure Bar Story
Who doesn't want to play a game where you get to run a bar and slay some monsters? Kick your feet back, grab a brew and review our review of Adventure Bar Story.  03.28 23:30
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Adventure Bar Story
Fan-titlement - Active Topical Banter
The Banter panel unpacks special pleading, ignorance and self-centred behaviour in the fandom. All while hoping for a brighter future for comment sections.  03.30 18:33
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Active Topical Banter Show
Xenoblade 3D Takes a Tour Ahead of Release
That most glorious of periods, Reyn Time, is about to burst back onto the scene in Europe and Japan. Meanwhile, those in North America get another week to prepare themselves for the Mechon onslaught.  03.30 19:31
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Xenoblade Chronicles
Compile Heart Plans Many Deaths Under the Labyrinth
Compile Heart has had enough of being nice to its fans if what it says about Death Under the Labyrinth is anything to go by. Apparently making a boss with a trillion hit points was too easy to deal with.  03.30 19:31
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II Scouts Ahead
Somehow we've got almost two weeks without any new Hyperdimension Neptunia info or media. Thankfully, Compile Heart has stopped the drought with some details about the next mainline game in the series.  03.30 19:30
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Mevius Final Fantasy Info, Will Be Free-to-Play
The next Final Fantasy is closer than one would think, at least in Japan. On the plus side, RPGamers will be able to try it for free.  03.30 11:34
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Episode 139: Soultaker - RPG Backtrack
In 2009 Atlus took a risk by ordering the largest print run for a game in its history, but that gamble paid off handsomely. Corpses litter the world of Demon's Souls, and talking about that grim but unforgettable place is today's topic.  03.29 22:26
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Retroview - Secret of the Stars
The Super Nintendo was host to a number of RPGs that are fondly recalled to this day. Tecmo was not responsible for any of them, and the reasons why can be seen here.   03.30 02:10
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RPGCast - Episode 343: "Mad Libs"
Please go ahead and download _____ to your _____. You can hear about how Anna is _____ because _____ is delayed. Chris is looking _____ for his next _____. Alice ______ her new ______ missiles. All this and ______ on today's RPGCast.  03.28 20:44
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Crayon Chronicles Colours Steam
Outer Grid Games has made Steam a little more vibrant with its release of Crayon Chronicles. This randomised roguelike hopes to encourage players to go through a number of short but hopefully sweet adventures.  03.27 20:43
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Omega Quintet Limited Edition Announced
Another RPG is arriving with a special edition in tow. Can the Verse Maidens make big enough fans of RPGamers for them to pick up these extra goodies?  03.27 20:42
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Onus on Destroying Oni Now with Toukiden Kiwami
Toukiden Kiwami is now out in Europe, and Slayers in the region should be vanquishing many Oni as we speak. Hopefully, this launch trailer will help tide over those in North America who have to make do with the demo until Tuesday.  03.27 16:34
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More Bravely Second Info Chomps its Way Out
Two more jobs are announced for Bravely Second, with some other character returns also confirmed. Most importantly, however, is the creation of plushie assembly lines.  03.27 16:34
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Xth Squad Prepares to Initiate Operation Abyss
As anyone knows in Japan knows, when the world is in danger you need to turn to high-school students. NIS America has provided an introduction video for those students about to join Hinowa Academy's Xth Squad.  03.27 16:33
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The Fafnir Knight Brings Extras for Early Buyers
The Fafnir Knight's untold story is set to be revealed to North American RPGamers this summer. He is providing some goodies for those first in line to the telling as thanks.  03.27 16:33
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Ys VI and Akiba's Trip Coming To PCs
XSEED Games is doing its part in bringing more Japanese titles to PCs in the West, one game at a time. Or, in this case, two at a time.  03.27 12:00
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Episode 2: "Sonic Boom" - Q&A Quest
Fresh off the pilot episode, Q&A Quest is back to discuss how to make a good Sonic RPG. We also examine Idea Factory's recent uptick in quality.  03.26 15:45
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Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity Now Complete
My friends and I were just going for a nice picnic in the Dyrwood when suddenly we were attacked by vicious monsters. How could we possibly have known such creatures were to be found there?  03.26 17:17
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