Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Power - Screens
08.14.2004 Flashback to 2001  
Link atop his steed Walking up to the triforces Floating triforces
Title screen Riding alongside the sunset Pick a file
Choosing a text speed Talking to a fairy Link mowing the grass
I don't need no stinkin' lawnmower! The map screen Link's inventory
Playing with fire Woooo 30 rupees! Talking
The Harp of Ages Talking with Nayru Nayru playing a sweet melody
I must save Nayru! Link: Moonwalker? "Darn, where's my tuner."
Walking along a trail Having an audience with the Maku Tree
03.23.2001 80 New Screens  
Whirlwind Talking to a girl Dropping bombs
Frustrated Singing Unarmed at night
Outside a castle Maka Tree Battling Gurugon
This place is familiar... Popular place huh? Helpful Kangaroo
In the shop A balloon Buying potions
Hitching a ride It's one of the Zoa! The Maka tree again
Talking of the Gorons Talking about Lulu Grandpa and Chimimi-chan
At a store Talking to an elder The Uuras
Buying special stuff Bombs away! Riding Uiui
Talking about Kokko Mountain Welcome to Goron Mountain Funny looking person
Chatting Listen! Listen! Inpa's house
The writer A windmill And you would be?
It's cold outside Climbing Look out below!
Fighting the dragon Riding a cart Walking on thin ice
Opening a chest Trapped... Oh, the power!
Boom Getting healed Getting a piece of heart
Outside a house Standing on a stump Standing on a stump... in the snow...
Outside a gate Yes/No? Crossing a bridge
Pumpkin head! Ooo... pretty... You got a ring!
Dead end Ooo... Cut Scene... Are you ok?
Quit picking on the puffball! Scary Password
Outside a gate Trapped again We're heading west
Talking Ooo... another cut-scene And another
Unarmed... again This place AGAIN Fighting Gurogon
Look behind you Top of a temple At the water's edge
Walking into town You got a sword! Playing on the mountain
And opening a portal    
10.23.2000 More Screens Source: GameSpot
Fighting a dragon Standing on rocky ground In a dungeon
In a fight Fighting off the hands Run, Link, Run!
Another fight Fighting a skeleton Land octopi
8.25.2000 Spaceworld Screens Source: Nintendo
A boxing kangaroo! Link encounters a female character Beautiful autumn colors
"Um, nice lava." Definitely a cult ritual Hello, Goron
Using the Rod of Four Seasons    
5.16.2000 E3 Screens Source: Nintendo
Fire slingshot Winter wonderland A... flying bear?
The bear's tornado attack Torchlight Mini-minotaurs
Obstacle Minecart ride!  
09.17.1999 More Screens Source: Pocket-IGN
Door of flames Blue and Red The Boomerang
A sword will come in handy When skeletons attack A dark cave
A woodland cave Attacking the trees Dragon!
A strange house A mysterious tree Running through a maze
Holes in the ground
08.21.1999 First Screens Source: GameSpot
In a dark forest Lost girl A kangaroo
Spring Summer Autumn
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