The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Screens
10.02.2000 Even More Screens Source: Daily Radar
A jungle Fire! Wham!
Icy hills An odd cast of characters Big guy
Ice and Fire Shining sword Running through a tunnel
A devastating attack Primal Scream Swimming Link
Kiai! A horse, of course, of course  
09.22.2000 Still More Screens Source: IGN
My, the game sure has changed But the owl is still around... Floating Link
Apparently something stinks Deku Creature Pushin' a block
How long will you carry this torch? Not the Olympics, but... Damp treasure
More torch madness An evil place Impressive lighting
Hero's Bow Boss Key Item Menu
More flying by Link Don't fall now! Spin Attack?
Link swings his sword valiantly Lots of fire Even more fire
A rather tall foe Fire damage We must look like ants from up there!
Dancing boss Blue flames Deku Princess
Identity query Monkey business? Anyone remember Kiki?
More monkeys Stop saying monkey! Or I'll.. uh.. right.
At least this kidnapped Princess isn't Zelda herself Ah, there she is Deku King?
Monkey monkey monkey Colorful gates Targetting another monster
08.08.2000 More Screens Source: IGN
Title screen Deku nut Come on over
Tree look-alike The Happy Mask shop! Reversion
72 hours Acting ones age Wait up!
06.02.2000 E3 Screens Source: Nintendo
Young Link & Epona Timepiece, perhaps? Goron Link; drum-master
Pink wolfos? Link fights armored... thing Mutant Sousaphone
Goron Link Deku-Link vs. polywog  
04.25.2000 Action Screens    
The Scarecrow The Return of the Ocarina An Odd Plant
Equipment Screen FIRE! Inflated Ego?
They're Glowing In a Corner      
03.27.2000 More screens Sources: The GIA / Famitsu
Clocktower blues Red, red rose At a bar
Would you like a mask? Psychadelic Skullkid Fly away!!
More clocktower Clocktower at night Go away, Skullkid!
Fat mister deku More Mr. Mask Man Even More Mr. Mask Man
Dammit, Jim... Make the hurting stop... Gerudo lady
Gerudo lady attacks! Gerudo lady battle More Gerudo lady battle
03.17.2000 Many Screens
Skullkid Dawn Fairies
Deku Scrub! A Deku flower Riding a flower
Hippie/Sword Instructor A good workout A mysterious lack of people
Stragglers A race against time A secret children's place
Needing a password Blowguns are dangerous A mysterious man
Conversation Cows! A lovely lady
A younger lovely lady A task to do Epona!
Horseback archery Racing around Taking a shot
Ingo? Ingo's twin brother Horse racing
Watch out for that tree! A receptionist A debate
Battle Impact A strange-looking
Zoran conversation An underwater stage Talking with a drummer
A young Zora Running underwater Underwater Dekubabas
Walking Dekubabas A cold Goron Ice all around
The Goron Mask Rolling on the ceiling Run away, run away!
Fire! Burn burn burn! Very cold, very quick
Small but fast Spinning is fun!  
03.07.2000 Whole Lotta Screens Source:
Two fairies and Link on Epona Witchy Shopkeeper The two fairies again
Link, fairies, and Stalkid Stalkid steals Epona? Deku-Link reflects...
Deku-Link Traveling mask salesman Pretty clock tower
Giant bug attacks Crying Goron Fairy and Stalkid
Snowscape with ghost? Depressed Zoran Waterside fortress
Shirtless blacksmith Link in snowy field Battle in snow
The battle is won Link chased by cute pink things Wise old man
Clock tower through telescope Deku-Link and the Scrubs! Deku-Link and scrub sentries
Deku king Deku king's lackey Bogey spoted at 11 o'clock!
01.25.2000 Few New Screens
Good horse! Beautiful sky A boss, maybe?
01.20.2000 New Screens Source: IGN
Mmm... waterfall. Moon, and a close dropshadow ....... BOO!
Don't expect to walk straight after Street Fighter meets Zelda It's the Ooga Booga Man
Um... Scchllice! It's the Alien Mask!
12.24.1999 Japanese screens Source: IGN
Goron masks can do that, ya know I dark with glowing eyes. Fear me. Navi is back again...sorta
"Hey there!" "Blah blah!" You light my fire, Link Check out the snow trail
Universal language Fear the manboobies Spiked is the new look
Um... snowball yo    
10.18.1999 New Screens Source: IGN
Link and Epona Gorgeous tree house Deku Link plays a set of pipes
Strange tea-pot home A Goron on drums A Zora playing the guitar
The potion witch    
08.30.1999 Space World Source: IGN
Goron Link in the snow Deku Link over the water Archery game
Goron race lineup... ... and in action Zora Link
Deku Link on a mess of platforms Flower hang-gliding Who is that masked man?
08.24.1999 Little Screens ;) Source: IGN
Link rides a young Epona A rather large boss blocks the way Hang-gliding!
08.21.1999 First Screens Source: GameSpot
A green plant-person In a village Dungeon entrance
A Zora Looking over a cliff Orange flying fish
Zora swimming Target and destroy In the forest
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