The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - News  
·Limited Edition Zelda Nintendo DS Bundle Announced 10.30.2007  
·Link Sails Into New York On Sunday 09.28.2007  
·Phantom Hourglass Ships to European Retail October 19 08.22.2007  
·Phantom Hourglass Making Autumn Debut 07.03.2007  
·Phantom Hourglass Touching Japanese Shelves in June 04.12.2007  
·Nintendo Touches on Current Status of DS 05.09.2006  
·New Legend of Zelda On Course for DS. 03.23.2006  
·Aunuma Dishes Zelda DS 10.05.2005  
·Upcoming Zelda DS Game to Utilize Touch Screen 06.25.2005  
·Eiji Aonuma Speaks on GameCube, Nintendo DS Zelda Titles 02.19.2005  
· New Nintendo DS Information Arrives 10.09.2004  
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