The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - Screen Shots
11.08.2004 More Screens GamesAreFun
Title screen Just a leisurely stroll 100 years. Right, got it.
Under the bell Zelda impresses You mean that isn't supposed to happen when you open a chest?
Zelda gives Vaati a stony glare Help me, Obi-Link, you're my, sorry, wrong script Link heads out
Chiloria Forest Cutting through the mist Another lifeless forest and me with no hat
Link goes shopping Running in the rain Link navigates on the giant lily pad
Behold the power of the Gust Jar Derailed Putting the Cane of Pacci to good use
Link has a Harvest Moon moment Mole-Mitts in action
10.12.2004 Minish Screens GamesAreFun
Over the cloud, under the rainbow Does Link think he's in Final Fantasy or something? Speak not of the nauseated Pac-Man
Anything you can do, I can do better Zelda does stained glass Floating downstream
Consult the ghost Wading More like being swallowed by a dragon.
She'd have given you a large one, but the kingdom's having budget problems Don't shoot until you can see the white of its...never mind. Just shoot. Classic Zelda projectile
Throne room A sword in a stone. How original. Stick it to 'em
05.11.2004 E3 Screenshots
Fire. A lot of. Big Green Blob Minish Mushrooms
...lives in a shoe. Floating Along Poor Stones
Fyse Kinstones
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