Ys IV: Dawn of Ys - Screen Shots
  Screens of Fun  
title screen large bug Adol stands above some lava
Carna Gadis, Bami, and Garuda Happy times in a pub
An upward shot of Lilia Adol and Dogi speak on the bow Lilia speaks with a bearded man
Adol battles Lord Darm A close-up of Lord Darm Adol glows in the dark!
Lord Darm attacks! Adol lunges upward An introduction screen
A gooey hand A gooey person A magical temple
Close-up of Adol Close-up of Goban The warriors prepare for battle
The evil Eldeel Close-up of Eldeel A shot of Leeza
Eldeel furrows his brow An ominous castle Lilia stands in the wind
Garuda stands, sword ready Adol and Garuda clash swords A hostile General Leo
Adol is trapped in the tower A very ugly man(?) Dr. Flair folds his arms
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