Ys III: Wanders From Ys - Screen Shots
04.30.2005 Original Version Screens
That'll teach him Titles
03.13.2005 First Screens Game Watch
Title Screen A river runs through it Perfect 10
Bees are on the what now? Hero Decending Staircase A bright flash
Wonder what's in here? Yay for treasure! Talking by a tree
That's a big column Take that! I believe I can fly
The Hope Pendant Two hits Look how high I jump!
This can't be good... Evasive maneuvers Ha! You missed me!
A red orb Gosh it's dark in here Is it me, or is it hot in here?
He's a lover AND a fighter He's religious too Decisions...Decisions
Crossing the bridge Welcome to our town A fierce dragon
Such a pretty rainbow
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