Xenogears - Movies
Please note that many movies now require QuickTime 3
Promotional movie from Parasite Eve's demo disc 7,109K
CG introduction clipping 2,667K
Fei's Ankei skill 2,503K
Fei's Ryushin skill 1,506K
Xenogears' compliation movie 10,271K
The Tower of Babel - Small 5,182K - 2,948K
A Gear is born - Small 3,046K - 1,754K
A city is bombed - Small 2,551K - 1,502K
Gear transformation - Small 6,789K - 3,804K
A devastating spell 1,057K
360 degrees of coolness 1,057K
Wong Fei Fong takes some names in battle 948K
Weltall walks into a cavern 900K
A giant monster rises from the ground 5598K
Elly undergoes a change 4173K
The ending scene - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 7940K - 11057K - 14188K
Fei has a flashback 5288K
Fei and Elly share a romantic moment 1252K
Mahanon rises from the sea 8842K
Merkava is destroyed 9136K
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