Xenogears - Square Artwork
Billy Lee Black and Renmazuo
Bartholomew Fatima and Brigander
Fei Fong Wong and Weltall - Side - Back
Citan Uzuki and Heimdal
Elhaym (Elly) Van Houten and Vierge - Side - Back
Bart crawls
Elly is one of many good reasons why Xenogears came to the US
Elly is very cute
Bart gestures with his hand
Fei stares icily
Character sketch of Margie
Margie closes her eyes and dreams
Margie attacks
Margie the nurse
Sigurd is imposing
Sigurd character sketch
Sofia is stately in appearance
Alice character sketch
Another Bart Fatima character sketch
Another Elhaym Van Houten (aka Elly) character sketch
Citan Uzuki character sketch
Fei Fong Wong character sketch
Another picture of Vierge, a mecha
Siebzehn, a mecha
Stier, a mecha
The partial cast of Xenogears
The cast of Xenogears
Xenogears character icons
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