War of Genesis III - Screen Shots
05.24.2002 First screens  
In the heat of battle Look at me! I'm in a dozen places at once Overlooking lava
Don't mess with that one Syerajadeu: "Long ago it was a lot like this..." Raining down energy
Purple energy blasts Red sparks Overlooking an oasis
Choosing characters Preparing a spell... ...and casting it
Flame spell Title sceen Ice spell
Green aura thing... Followed by big firey bolts of magic You've got mail!
Creating a party The obligatory online multiplayer mode Icy tundra in online mode
Chatting in the online mode Weird magic spell in online mode Big blast of energy
The little kid's a little dangerous! Wings of fire Massive damage
Jyongan says "......!" White stuff everywhere The whole place seems to be exploding
Jyongan speaks on a spaceship Lightning in town central Some weird stuff there
Ouch Where did that giant come from? More spells downtown
Still more spells there I'd like two beulrikkeo thanks Status screen
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