Wizardry 8 - Screen Shots
03.15.2001 3 New Screens  
Overkill? I mean business 2 Guys and a Cat person
03.10.2001 New Screens
A fountain Walking around outside the fountain Looks recently destroyed
The ruined building at night Hmm...a satellite dish In a great hall
Inside a control room This is a nice house Outside the town walls
Dancing by the fire Taking over a temple The winged beast sees all
A mysterious portal Woo...high ceilings Castle overpass
Light shines through stained glass windows Is that a statue? A sweeping staircase
Those candles can't be making that much light The sun and moon chamber A unicorn prepares to gore you
Hello up there! Red slime Watch your language!
Bugs give me the willies Ain't 'e a beaut? So the creatures want to fight, eh?
Get back to the swamp He's got shifty eyes I think he'd be cute if he was about a foot tall
Does everything in this game want to kill you? That is one big sword Take that, Death!
A pretty forest landscape Combat chatter Equip screen
Those bats have amazing aim We'll cross that bridge when we come to it Pools of blood
Watch your step Wait up! Enlisting in...something
Doesn't look too sturdy I always wanted to play as a tiger Unicorns are more dangerous than I imagined
A group of enemies An army of enemies What are those boxes for?
Back up a little more A large room An even larger room
Overview of a road Jumbo rat Troops marching
Ah, but is it nuclear? Good thing there's an elevator BZZZZZZ
Butterfly people Treetop fighting Looking up
Dark as night Kiss me, baby Red lizards of DOOM
I just can't get enough of that unicorn A nice aerial shot of a complex The complex is invaded by thingies
He probably smells, too Quick, step on it! The sun shines down upon us all
A moonlight battle They look lost Please, put your dagger away
The thingies return AAH!! IT BURNS!! The golem sizes you up
Funny looking birds
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