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Wild ARMs XF
Developer: Media.Vision
Publisher: XSEED Games
Release Date: 03.11.2008

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RPGamer sat down with XSEED Games to discuss character details for the upcoming tactical RPG, Wild ARMs XF. Below, we have a breakdown of the game's main characters.

Wild ARMs XF Main Characters

Clarissa Arwin
17 year old
5' 2.5"
Background: The only daughter of the archeaologist Melissa Arwin, who continually searched all her life for the solution to change the wastelands of Filgaia into a land of abundance. As a child, Clarissa went through many hardships while traveling with her mother across the world. She learned very early on to keep a positive outlook on everything she experiences, a trait she shared with her mother. She is very considerate of others and tends to go out of the way to help those in need. Fairly well-versed in her history of Filgaia, she is quite knowledgeable about ancient relics and weapons. At the age of twelve she meets Felius and her life is changed forever.

A little after Felius joins, the fateful day arrives for the Arwin family. A thug Drifter named Rupert Dandridge sees Melissa using "Iskender Bey," the sword that Felius entrusts to Melissa when they first meet, and becomes seduced by the awesome power of the sword. He manages to kill Melissa and steals the sword leaving Felius and Clarissa in anguish. Clarissa is determined that her mother's sword must be used for a righteous motive for peace and happiness, not to bring misery and pain. She decides that while Rupert wields the blade, it will continue to create sorrow. She decides to hunt Rupert down and recover Iskender Bey. Five years have passed and the two have come across Rupert a few times, but never managed to recover the sword.

Original Class: Dandelion Shot
Original Weapon: Strahl Gewehr

Details: Although Clarissa carries an ARM for protection, she is a normal teenage girl and does not possess any special physical strengths. Her weapon, Strahl Gewehr, can blast out a bolt of energy from afar and it seems no other weapon quite like Strahl Gewehr exist in the land of Filgaia. Clarissa herself is unaware of when and how she came by this mysterious weapon.

Felius Arwin
26 year old
5' 8"
Background: Five years ago, he was found collapsed in the wilderness by Melissa and Clarissa. Later on he joins them in their search for a solution to change Filgaia into a land of abundance. He is a quiet man who does not speak much about himself and his past. When he was first found, he possessed no concept of a family name. His name was only Felius and nothing more. Melissa suggests later that he join their family and become Felius Arwin, the third member of the Arwin family. He is a very stoic person and may seem unfriendly at times, but can be a fierecely loyal companion to have around. He has good makings of a warrior and also acts as Clarissa's guardian, protecting her ever since Melissa's sudden death. He blames himself for Melissa's murder, as he was the person who gave Iskender Bey to Melissa which became the motive for Ruperts' heinous attack. Though this is understandable, there seems to be additional reasons for Felius' protectiveness toward Clarissa but the reasons are still unclear...

Original Class: Halberdier
Original Weapon: Pole Arm

Details: The Pole Arm is a mighty melee weapon with a long handle. The tip consists of a thick large blade, a heavy war hammer, and a keen spear all built in together. It is also suited to crush heavily armored enemies as well.

Levin Brenton
15 year old
5' 2"
Background: Levin is a scion of House Brenton, one of more powerful noble houses of the Kingdom of Elesius. As he was born when his father (Eisen, Captain of the Royal Knights) was in his forties and Levin is his only child and heir, his father felt it was necessary to be incredibly strict in regards to Levin's upbringing. Levin's mother died while he was still very young, thereby leaving the responsibility of raising him entirely in his father's hands. Levin is a very, very out-going person with and almost excessive amount of self-confidence and frequently sees himself as a hero. He frequently charges headlong into situations before thinking things through, which often gets him into difficult or even dangerous situations. Although Levin respects his father, they both tend to be hard-headed and epic father-son arguments are almost daily occurrences in the Brenton household. The knights under Eisen's command often tease him about his constant complaints about his weak, worthless son, especially in light of Eisen's legendary strictness.

Levin is fairly small for his age, and although his father had high hopes of him becoming a knight of great prowess, but unfortunately Levin showed absolutely no aptitude for swordsmanship. Levin wanted to serve Elesius like his father, so instead of becoming a royal knight he decided to study the art of magic. After coming to this decision, he began taking private lessons with Labyrinthia Wordsworth, the tutor to the royal family of Elesius. However, although Levin has a great deal of enthusiasm and drive, he unfortunately has no more skill with magic than he did with the sword.

Original Class: Martial Mage
Original Weapon: Tonfa

Details: Levin's special weapon is the tonfa, which compliments his quickness and agility. This weapon was given to him by his father Eisen, as Levin was unable to master using a long sword. As Levin at first wanted to become a knight, he was opposed to learning how to use the tonfa, especially when seeing the sword skills exhibited by the knights under his father's command. At the ends of his tonfa are various crystals that help to amplify Levin's weak spell-casting abilities.

Labyrinthia Wordsworth
34 year old
5' 5"
Background: Former court magician. Although born a commoner, Labyrinthia served as the head of court education and is revered by Princesses Alexia and Katrina as their teacher. At present, she is considered a national enemy by the Council of Elders and is currently on the run with her trusted pet dog, Tony. Being extremely intelligent, Labyrinthia is able to make quick assessments and possesses a very perceptive eye that gives her profound insight into people. However, her often childish actions and random utterances give a quite different impression to those around her. She seems to be aware of this and often tries to dispel such false misconceptions by telling others what a "capable woman" she is. Regrettably, most around her regard it as a joke, and her efforts seem to have the opposite effect of what she aimed for. She is not a military strategist per se, but her deep insight often serves as the chief advisor to the members of Chevalet Blanc during battle.

Born and raised in a farm in the countryside on the outskirts of Elesius, Labyrinthia was able to enroll in an exclusive military school for nobility after one of King Hrathnir's reforms outlawed segregation in schools. She graduated with honors and caught the eye of the king, who esteemed her very highly and appointed her to be a resident court magician soon after her graduation. As the court magician, Labyrinthia was responsible for the education of Princess Alexia and Katrina along with other children of nobility. She developed a theory of standardized education and taught the use of magic as part of her curriculum. Her peaceful life as the court magician came to an abrupt end, however, when Princess Alexia suddenly died in a freak accident. Labyrinthia happened to overhear that the accident was no accident but was actually the Council's doing. She felt a responsibility to spread the truth, but her intentions were soon discovered, and the Council immediately expelled her by branding her a terrorist.

Original Class: Arcanist
Original Weapon: Battle Fan

Details: After entering the royal courts as the court magician, Labyrinthia discovered documents detailing the Arcane arts of the ancients in the royal library. She devoted herself to studying the arts and soon developed a unique fighting style of an "Arcanist." The reason behind her choice of the battle fan as her favored weapon is quite simple: "because the battle fan makes the wielder look all the more capable."

Ragnar Blitz Lebrett
29 year old
6' 2"
Background: Ragnar's home country was destroyed in a war against the Kingdom of Elesius when he was barely ten years old. He lost his father and older brother in the war, and his mother died of heartache soon after, leaving him an orphan. Fortunately, he was found by a group of mercenaries, who called themselves Troop 814. He soon came to consider them as his second family and grew up to be a tough young man among them. However, two years before his fated meeting with Chevalet Blanc, his entire troop was wiped out during a battle after turning into zombies due to, what he calls, "Black ARMs." In his fervent search for the truth behind the Black ARMs, he stumbled upon some information that the Kingdom of Elesius may be behind their development. Having lost his family not once, but possibly twice to the kingdom, his burning hatred grew all the more and drove him to search for a way to exact revenge upon the kingdom that caused him so much pain.

Original Class: Stormrider
Original Weapon: Boomerang

Details: Ragnar's "Stormrider" combat style is a mix of Troop 814's unique style and his fondness of boomerangs. He can wield his large boomerang freely to attack enemies both from afar and up close. The style at its finest is said to be as lethal as it is mesmerizing as it looks like the dance of a beast unleashing a storm of power against its prey.

2' 6"
Background: Tony is your average run of the mill white dog that just happened to be in the company of the wanted criminal (and incredibly capable woman, ahem!) Labyrinthia Wordsworth. Tony seemed to not be bothered by Labyrinthia's fugitive lifestyle, even helping out on occasion. Tony, by the way, is the name that Labyrinthia gave him as his real name was unknown. As like any other dog, he likes to eat a lot and will sleep whenever he gets the chance. He has an inexplicable fondness for human women (especially young human women), and when he meets Clarissa, immediately transfers his affection from Labyrinthia to her. He occasionally exhibits very un-doglike behavior and will act almost as if he were human.

RPGamer would like to thank XSEED Games for providing these character details. Wild ARMs XF will be available on March 11, 2008 for the PlayStation Portable and is rated "E10+" for ages 10 and up by the ESRB.

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