Wild Arms 2nd Ignition - Screen Shots
05.04.2000 New Screens Shots Source: RPGFan
Fast Moving Personel Carrier Inside the Personel Carrier Name Select Screen
Mission Briefing Dungeon Entrance Ruin Search
Hanging on by your toenails Status Screen Finding a Knife
Small Battle Hero Closeup Fire Attack
Meeting Another Naming Screen Small Gathering
Large Block Puzzle Ruin Maze Save Point
Select Your Save Slot Fire Magic? Fighting With Your Umbrella
Continue Screen Another 1 vs 1 Fight Girl Sporting Her Battle Umbrella
Female Character Art Screen Another Female Character Art Flashback?
Another Character Naming Screen A Fiery Item? Newest Character With an Item
Starting Screen Character Select Screen  
05.03.2000 New Screens Source: IGN
Wealth The plot thickens Livin on the edge
Dungeon exploring Fighting white... things Closeup of white things
Thrust Leveled stairs More dungeon exploring
Wind magic, perhaps Small winged demon thing Smells like fire magic
Still figting demonite Smells like more fire magic Same fire spell
Sound adivce More wind magic Profile
Watch your step Watch your step II Can't save in the demo
Narrow path    
02.22.2000 First English Screens Source: Game Informer
'Tis a rainy day That may hurt a little Blocked!
Lilka celebrates! Is that a rocket launcher? Catch that kitten!
Ahem... Laser breath! The Mysterious Girl speaks!
01.23.2000 New Screens Source: IGN
In battle Inside a dungeon  
Screen shots
Store Screen Battle Screen Spell Casting
Spell Casting Characters Talking Riruka Anime
Anime Ashley Anime Town Screen
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