Tengai Makyou III: Namida - Screen Shots
04.25.2005 Another look
Sakura Six-pack abs I didn't do it!
Now it's glowing This can't be good You, sir, have a big nose
Sure is dry out here My, how you've grown! Going to the town
I'm scared of the dark! Ahem! I have sand on my boots! It's pretty around here
01.19.2005 Oodles of Screens
Hordes of one-eyed blob things Super slice Hot pants of death
Yeah Super nova Rainbow pinchers
Archers.. Fire! Bam
Crazy deer and horse things Tears of scarlet I want to fly
Touch my scales No thank you But I would like some pie
Thunder pie Drop the pies and no one gets hurt Spike man
Mr. Satan Rat princess I have no clue
Tornado Lots of pretty colors Even more random text
Kaboom Whoops, my hand slipped Go my minions
Gimme back my pie Never! Golly gee, my goggles are cool
It's raining text You smell what The Rock is cookin`? rawr
Dance with me Taste the rainbow Watch us dance
Still dancing Power wave Okay, who drank all the milk?
Boo-Hoo At arms length you never get hit Watch as I bite you
Power up Kiss me In distress
You know what this is Super sword fun time Super close up
In a town In a house No I will not eat them, Sam I Am
And any fool can play Taste the rainbow Stone circle
Welcome to a temple As I walk Map screen
Map screen part two Glowy A very dark place
02.06.2004 A Few Screen Shots
The hero stands around Girl taking a break All that speed
09.21.2003 First Look at Cinematics Magic Box
The danger approaches That's quite the mole An action shot
Motion tracers A small, concerned looking girl He's crying because they painted blue lines on his face
Galloping the snow plains A branded mark under his eye Praying with one giant necklace
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