Tengai Makyou 2: Manjimaru - Screen Shots
08.29.03 Remake Screens Softbank Games
The neon purple hair seems a little out of place Not to scale Four member party
Uhh..go for the spine? "How's the view?" Note the green sky
The flowers bring out the--..err, I'll just stop myself now *snickers* Plain and simple
Purple hair guy appears again Burn, baby. Sci-fi place
Almost looks hard Let the back stabbing begin! Making dungeons more realistic since never
Menu #1 Menu #2 Tiger-dog thing
It's like a bad driver's license photo Clone wars? Ooo..important text.
Obvious straw houses + war = fun village burning So let's go with wood instead--it burns longer! I shall call you, "flag boy"
Why no bald teenage hero? Sun god? Quite the colorful game
Look for the reoccurring symbol "I bet it tastes like chicken" Shave those sideburns!
*geeky snort laugh* Map with animal sketches
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