Tales of the World: Summoner Lineage - Screen Shots
03.16.2003 Latest Screens  
The infamous bubble house Super special attack! Pssh, I guess they stole the houses bubbles for themselves
A winged dude on a circle A vacant lot Not so vacant anymore
One, two. Two houses have bubbles now! And this is the back yard... Move THERE
A guy talking to a monster Possibly battle shots Attack the troll thingies!
Move here! A certain stat Area one... covered by the bubble of doom
Two people engaging on battle? One troll left troll left... that glows
Obviously first strike Decisions...decisions... Closeup of battle
A special attack? So many choices "Yes, yes you are green and funny looking."
Fly away my pretty! Two groups in close combat "...and I will talk to myself."
Reminds me of power rangers... Attack!!! Scary looking monsters
A guy with floppy ears Super technique X5! A shot of the characters
Someone's stat screen Aww, the houses learned how to share their bubbles A guy in circle.. with a bowl on his head
03.01.2003 New Screens  
Hi there! Someone's stats screen Thowing a pointy thing at a dragon
What were you saying? Me again Up or down?
Rawr!! Someone else's stats screen HP all around
Talk, talk, talk..
01.02.2003 Initial Screens  
Jump in to the pool? A cat with a bad attitude In the heat of battle
Preparing for confrontation "Hurry! We must get the the dance club!" Meeting friends in the forest
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