Tales of Rebirth - Screen Shots
01.08.2005 Captured Screens
Watch out. The cat bites. Freeze! Your ice does not amuse me. Let us do battle.
Slash through the gut Looks like a frozen zombie Setting her face on fire
She has apparently broken free And now the Ice Bird, ladies and gentlemen. Getting killed in the background
And all the little Who's down in Whoville... Everything is OK! And why can't I buy the swords on the wall again?
Apperently Uncle Bob was making dinner again. Confrontation in city square "What funny clothes you wear."
I think he wants to battle Everyone is glowing And the crowd goes wild!
"I am the ghost of Christmas past." Skating along the ... grass Running out of town
The bridge tollers demanding money Blurry explosions Overhead slash
And the explosive finish
12.03.2004 Minigame Screens Impress Game Watch
Left! Go left! An odd quirk in Gulara's River Run Grab the fruit
Curious about your love life? Ask Hilda Hilda knows all and sees all I wonder what that upside-down monkey means
A phoenix? Waiter's Game Talking to the bartender
Still talking to the bartender Don't mess up Looks like he did well
11.24.2004 Sacred Beasts & Towns Source: Impress Game Watch
Eephon addresses the party Fenia speaks hotly Wontiga postulates
Gilione speaks Randgriz Talking outside a train
Balka is a good city Museum Take in the scenery of Thulz
Asking for directions Minal is to the south An old man in Betna-Janka
Old men like to talk This kid got yelled at Welcome to Anikamal
10 years... Watery sounds Welcome to Sunny Town
The sea running wild is a bad thing Cute, swimming fish, huh? Welcome to Babilo Grande
A town close to the sky and the clouds An old man out for a stroll Welcome to Minal
A straight line from Minal to Balka ...Did that girl just proposition him? Mao status screen
11.20.2004 Spirits and more Source: The Magic-box
How many licks does it take? Heart of the cards Creepy
Hail to the Queen Flame Ritual Ice Sword
On the march Get some! Say what?
Sorcery Purrrrr To arms
Escort Flame Sorcery Hanpan!
Anybody home? Mmhmm Puppy man
People You'll hurt yourself Blah, blah
Attack skill Dragon spirit Nightmare spirit
Succubus spirit Horse spirit Feril spirit
Old man spirit
10.23.2004 Screens + Anime Cutscenes
I swear guys I didn't do it! Ha cha cha Item mixture screen
Hello. I am the Unicorn Man. Taking a nap He's ready for St. Patricks Day
The "I'm sorry but can we just be friends" look Wait I left my shoes at your house! We are here for your treasures
Hey guys watch me break this stick over my forehead! Look out there's a giant rat behind you! "Bilbo Baggins!!!!"
Look out! Humans!
09.04.2004 New Characters Source: The Magic-box
Hilda talking the talk Hilda casting a spell Xiaoroon looking ominous
Xiaoroon soaring through the sky Widdle Zapy speaking
07.15.2004 Battles, Towns, and New Characters Source: Tales of Rebirth Website, Magic Box
Setting the attacks Leaving a church Burning stuff
Talking in town, with Tytree's head in the way Ouch, that'll leave a mark Annie readies an attack
Tytree speaks
06.12.2004 Screens^3
Slash, Slash, Kill Charge! Beach Bummin'
Fire Attack Uppercut Slash Ready for Fighting
Earth Spear Attack
05.25.2004 More Screens Game Watch
Hello Goat Woman Must...reach...finish line... Come back you forgot your change!
He just can't seem to reach whatever it is he keeps reaching for
04.23.2004 First Screens
Run down the road Nice cabin This is a nice home
The great outdoors
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