Tales of Destiny 2 - Screen Shots
12.02.2002 Cut-Scene Screens
Okay, not quite all cut-scenes... It's a bird! It's a plane...! Is it a tree? Or perhaps a portal?
I win! I win! What did I win? Ultimate peaceful feeling Evening by the candle light
The escape Moonlight run Hardcore adventurers
A sad, haunted look In a daze The discovery
She needs convincing
10.09.2002 More Screens
"What the heck are you doing in my house?" Critical Hit! "The strip club is another block down, pervert."
Victory! Fighting a wolf Crazy battle action
Walking around the ruined town Exploring the world More flashy special effects
"Die you evil stone creature!" "Santa Claus isn't coming this year..." Speaking with a local in the valley
Standing outside town    
09.30.2002 Plenty of new screens, big and small GPara!
A placid town scene. The game won't let you swing. Darn. Wow, they even give NPCs names.
No one ever let us in, you know... NPCs have no lives. Poor souls. A fellow shopper! Yay!
Beer~> Wine Those halbreds look nice... Inn |^|
Standing in the cold talking to YOU! Barging into MORE places uninvited! The NPCs live to please you. Anytime.
And you finally realized it was cold. The circle button keeps following you! Transparent sails(A graphical update!).
Coffee... Animated battling! More babbling.
Just one good shove... NPC home invasion! Even more babbling.
Wear your hat indoors. ~~In a winter wonderland~~ On the ship's dome! Yaaar!
Battle VICTOLY! We grade in letters, not numbers. Fire attack, mmm.
Some special move that looks neat! That wolf's in trouble. Combos... *drool*
Don't put your sword there, cowboy!
08.07.2002 14 Super Shiny Screens The Magic Box
What a nice looking...thing Did you fart? Cooked to perfection!
Wait, what's happening? Ha! You live in a hole! A nice stroll in the park
Enchant? Victory! I am so lost
How interesting We need to redecorate Grab the toboggans!
Cook! Now! Technical smash!
07.08.2002 10 Shiny New Screens The Magic Box
But where is the wheelchair ramp? Mmm...unexplained teatime Shades of Star Ocean 2
Zap! Biff! Ka-Whammo-Blap!
Zok! ..Ok. I drove it into the ground Yet another battle screen
The towel fighting got hectic at times
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