Tales of Destiny 2 - Artwork
12.02.2002 High Quality Art
Our hero Our heroine? Billy Idol made it into a video game?
Physical manifestation of teenage angst The wild child A little less wild
She's ready for business Can you guess her profession? Evil? Good?
A benevolent soul The not-so-benevolent soul The hero, in action
Posing for the camera He'll smile as he kills you Fashion victim?
The archer who couldn't afford much clothing The mage "Please be seated, I'll be right with you."
A nun with color "Am I dramatic enough?" Not to be messed with
Evil incarnate
10.09.2002 Single Artwork
The characters of Tales of Destiny 2    
09.30.02 Enlarged to show detail character art! GPara!
Everyone wants to see Kyle's midriff. Reala's looking a bit... pale. Loni has a sexy waist, too? Naaah.
I think Judas needs an "axe". Heh heh. Nanaly fears winter with all her soul. Harold is.... scaaaaary.
07.08.02 Character Artwork The Magicbox
Kyle Reala
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