Summoner - Screen Shots
10.27.2001 Bucketloads of PC screens  
The ravages of the flame Smoldering at sunset Perhaps the fiend responsible?
Status Combat A hit
Hardly idle chit-chat Walking softly and carrying a big stick Hiding from the fury
Inventory Loot Standing by the firewood
Map Over my dead body! Quest journal
A boulder approaches. Command? The remnants of the dead Skills
No mercy Spells One ring
Like a sack of potatoes Better run, then... And he didn't even say goodbye... *sniff*
A hazy flashback? Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates Paint your wagon
A ship in the harbor Standing at the docks The exclamation of a merchant
Colorful setup Somewhat darker Bridging the gap
Gazing into the distance Slightly more verdant terrain Mmm... beer
Tiley Stairway to heaven Quite the view
Looking back at the town Descent Knights
Passing a woman Perhaps a conversation? Fumbling
Blade in hand Not a friendly adversary Run!
Death by the campfire They weren't so tough Bird's-eye view
Can I talk with your interior decorator? Mountains 53
The grassy knoll About to take a swim? On the high seas
Castle The inner sanctum Run to the water
It's a-mast-ing An ominous isle Beautiful downward view
Over the ship In the bedchamber Frightening eyes
Closeup Some dental work may be in order Underground
Purple! Ruins? Scary!
At the base of doom On the slab Under the open sky
A trip to the beach King of the hill! On top of the world
The river at night Around a fallen foe Kick him while he's down!
Glancing at the foliage Ghastly silhouette Tongues of fire licking at the sky
The claws of the damned Stained glass Rolling out the red carpet
Up close and personal with an angel A throne of bone Once more inside the cathedral
Floor The camera's a bit low... Having an audience
Genuflection The faces of the monarchy He doesn't look pleased
He looks concerned At rapt attention Age has not treated her kindly
Anger Jekhar's stats Heater shield
Someone's awfully envious... Approaching the angel Lighting crashes
The green ones One ring to bind them  
12.21.2000 Woo, some PC screens  
That's some suspiciously furry looking sand.. Bah, weak attack An ugly blue guy
He's standing on a giant block of cheese "Gruughhgg! I am ugly blob man!" Fear! It's a walking carpet!
Some ugly guy and his coloring book wall    
09.23.2000 New Screens Sources: / IGN
Hiring a female thief Statistics Screen Fire Fly?
Magic in a field Chain Push! Fight on a ledge
Close-up of character and architecture In a shrine Huge Beast
Gigantic Beast Interesting decoration Magma, perhaps?
06.21.2000 E3 Screens
Some sort of creature An encampment People in the dark
At the steps of a temple? A town in ruins Someone's flinging fire
One on one fight Big bad golem Fighting a golem
Summoning a golem Outside a building Guard looking to the left
Guard looking to the right Nasty looking monster Better look at the nasty
Big gathering Walking in the dark More hard to see places
Crispy critter Wandering the streets A meeting
More fighting in the dark In a dark building Wandering the town
Someone need a flashlight Wow, light! Climbing some stairs
Wandering in the day On a castle wall? Shot from an FMV?
More outdoor exploration The great outdoors... again A gathering place
Getting ready to battle. The gathering place again Pep talk
Closeup of some guy. Meeting between friends? What's everyone waiting for?
Some sort of shrine The shrine again I love snow
Venturing outside the castle Nice castle shot Battle in fire
Here comes a light show Big bad minotaur Nasty looking purple spell
A strange temple Decending the path  
06.20.2000 Development Screens
Polygon Armor! Armor texturing Really nice finished armor
This is how a sword is made? Polygon weapons! Yum! A finished sword
04.24.2000 Additional Screens
A Healing Spell An Offensive Spell A Dismal Forest
03.30.2000 First Look
Town view from top-down Posed for battle Scrolling across the bridge
"Quiet night in town, isn't it?" "Something at the dock?" Close-up of the two in town
Into the large house... "We found it, now kill it!" Ominous looking cave
Inside a huge dungeon A secluded temple, mayhaps? Beautiful house
Close-up of Rosalind Rosaling close-up from another side Inside of a house-great textures
Is it me, or does she look angry? Pools of...slime? Deep inside an evil dungeon
Brass Golem, ATTACK! A Brass Golem...bleeding? A dead end! *gasp!*
A large hole; purpose: unknown What are they waiting for...? Lizards have...tents?
And why would a lizard need a tent? Three little lizards Shhh... The Golems are asleep!
Great view down a hallway Two hallways, two enemies Golems manning fans?
Nice stairway screen At the bottom of the stairway Don't anger the monks...
Beautiful courtyard Gathering in the courtyard Two more join in the conversation
Breathtaking Odd architecture A busy shipping dock
Nice looking ship, that. Guards at the docks? Ack. His helmet's on too tight
Great stone sculpture What's he doing there? Close-up of the sculpture
He doesn't look very healthy Good view here Evil, evil creature
Zoomed out sculpture Casting some type of magic? An intense battle!
Those are some BIG hands! An ancient crypt Rosalind dodges!
That was a HUGE dragon! Close the gate, fast! A ballroom?
Lizards around a fire They really are rather cute quys... Beautiful town road
Are those two related? Normal town life... Very colorful town square
"What do you want?" Ready for a fight In a forested area
The insides of a church? Flece contemplates an action A faire of some sort
"Hand me your weapon." Take cover! The palace beckons
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