Summoner - Artwork
03.30.2000 Character/Monster Concept Artwork
Bone Knight A Demon! Flece, a main character.
Jekhar in many poses. Jekhar and his weapon. Joseph in a few poses.
Rosalind, the forth main character. Skeletons in a certain dungeon.  
Location Artwork
The bustling town of Lenele Beautiful Lenele courtyard art Overall Lenele town layout
Back end of Lenele palace The Great Library Island city of Iona from afar
The Iona lift Various Liangshan houses Liangshan village from far off
Liangshan Village front shrine Liangshan, the tree village Sailing into Wolong village
A busy port town, Wolong The higher parts of Wolong  
3D Model Renders
The Bone Knight A Brass Golem Brown Bacite (Odd critter.)
Sornehan's Knight Medevan Shopkeeper  
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