Suikogaiden Vol. 2 - Screen Shots
10.16.2001 First Screens Vivi-Chan's Page
A house nestled in a valley How do you do? Quite the performance
Eilie winks That poor melon The knights pose for the camera
Wanna dance? Uh oh... The pillaging begins
Somewhat askew This can't be good Someone's gonna die
Falling off the horse BOOM! Characters stand together
That is one giant axe Finishing move On the offensive
Indoor battle Halt! Barrel smashing
It burns! More things explode Surrounded
Daggers vs. Sword Nice fireworks Do you mind?!
So, wanna, y'know... Sickbed Riling the masses
Considerate visit Flashback fighting Flashback crying
Flashback dancing Flashback laughing Catch ya later!
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