Suikoden III - Screen Shots
07.08.2002 Trinity Scenerio Screens
Lucia confronts Hugo Major Joe offers his advice Travellers meet on a path
Queen explains the plan Hiding in a warehouse Discussing important matters
The Knights come together Approaching with caution Chris stirkes a citizen
Encircled by flames Queen takes a break Suspicious glances
Duba speaks with Chris' knights Chris rides with her knights "Watch out!"
A look of scorn The masses start to gather Loran arrives on the scene
Salome is not happy Delivering a message Swinging her sword
Lulu is shocked Lewis offers his help Loran warns Hugo and Joe
Riding a beautiful white horse Bodies all over the ground Surveying the carnage
Chris watches the house burn Hugo is enraged Readying an attack
Bolus senses something Hugo turns his back on Lucia Breaking the ice
Lucia bids Hugo farewell More suspicious glances Hugo starts giving orders
A touching moment Travelling encounter Entering the gates
Taking a look around A very high jump Fire breaking into the night
Mellville and Guillome Melliville is not pleased "Welcome to our club!"
Hugo is curious to know more Leo calls into the night Hugo braces for an attack
The entire village is gone... Running around the Duck Clan Village Chatting with the ducks
No comment Is that a lightsaber? A well-crafted crossbow
Peacfully watching the sunset
11.27.2001 Even More Little Screens Magic Box
In a Port Talkin' Duckman?
FIGHT!! Gryphon Ridin' HE speaks
He can fight too. More Chitchat Battletastic.
10.16.2001 More Little Screens GameSpot Japan
Up on his high horse A motley crew How sweet
Charge! Into the fire! What's over there? Backed by lizardmen
Fire windmill How dare you? Cliffside battle
09.14.2001 First Screens IGN
Attacking dragons Nasty monster on the battlefield Horseback attack
A mighty blow Centaur army A distant ledge
Flammie Raging inferno Look, up in the sky!
A strange riding beast It's like FF7, only with a horse Intense discussion
ZAP What do you want? Confusion
Gather round A blue...something The world map
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