Suikoden II - Screen Shots
E3 '99: A conversation
A globe of energy encompasses the battlefield
The hero charges a griffon
Combat takes place amidst a beautiful backdrop
A spell is cast - 2
Four enemies
The two-headed snake attacks!
Six characters fight in battle at once, again
Battling a 6-skulled beast - do I see Flik, Victor, and Kuromimi in this shot?
Lightning blasts a knight centaur
I bet Bill Gates never got flamed this bad
Another quiet forest walk interrupted by a skeletal dragon (don't you hate it when that happens?)
A wicked looking combination attack
Someone strapped a lightbulb to the unicorn's horn again
E3 '99: Deadly flamingos attack
Joey gives a midnight council to the hero
A rustic log cabin
The hero stands in an ornate hallway
A horse-drawn carriage
Entrance to town
Highland kingdom's capital city
A harbor town
What a nice day for a war...
An elaborately adorned cathedral facade
Confronted by soldiers
A cliff overlooking a waterfall
Let's go fishing
On the farm
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