Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords - Screen Shots
11.05.2004 More Official Screens
For my next trick... Just hanging around Hey, ugly!
Stay alert. Moving to the attack Looks painful
1-on-4 The swordplay works on so many different levels Er, sorry, wrong series
You want some of this, punk? And around...and around... It's spreading
Obviously a Packers fan "Do you have your passport?" The Red and the Ugly
Ganging up Want to see me juggle? He's feeling it...
Moving through the field Hey, do you want to tell him his suntan lotion is gone? Melee fun and games
Ready for combat I've got a blue spatula, and I'm not afraid to use it! Kill a droid, strike a pose
In this dance, someone dies OK, OK, I'll get the firewood this time Let's dance.
Force lightning can be a good thing "We're not really your enemies--we're just being paid to kill you" OK, now that's just not fair.
None shall pass! Line them up, then cut them down Shootout
Up, up and away! Sit down and STAY down you feel lucky?
Ambling through the wilderness Can you dig it? Billy, would you PLEASE lock his cage next time?!
Ready for anything Thirsty? Strike the head
Evidently, your stealth skills need some work Enemies in front, enemies in back Death from above
Get ready to DUEL! Run away! Close the blast door! Close the blast door!
The heat of battle Don't you love it when the only thing you can see is the lightsaber? This calls for precision piloting
More melee fun and games The only good critter's a dead critter
07.08.2004 First Screens LucasArts
And that's the end of the mech He's glowing and ready to attack Nice Explosion
Stop staring at the light Quite a few sparks Lasers
Wrong place, wrong time It's better to let the guy with the weapon fight Different colored lightsabers
Need some help? Even more sparks Guns are fun
Taking out the giant monster Green lightsaber Just waiting
lightsaber battle The battle rages on Someone didn't make it
Shiny yet ominous The ship is ready for takeoff Cargo bays open
Hmmm, this ship looks good Just a little late for the ride out They are on fire, literally
Time to clean this room... Monsters and guards. No problem Ok, maybe this battle is kinda tough
Prepare for battle That's when Bobby found out he was a robot Melee battle with the guys with guns
Party battling? Stare at the lights Doesn't that burn a little?
Sure is tall grass around here Right on top of it's head These robots seem endless
Take out the green thing Surrounded Sparks in the hallway
Mechs with guns
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