Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Screen Shots
09.24.2003 After Release Screens
The mess after a battle Force Lightning Interior of a cantina
Interior of a cantina with some Gamorrians Lightsaber battle The trash can shoots
Blaster battle Deflecting blaster bolts Droid on a yellow planet
Droid on a blue planet Droid on a blue planet with others Droid with blaster, standing
Podrace scene Double blasters Aftermath of a battle in a spaceship, overlooking a planet
Double lightsaber action Double Lightsabers vs a sword
06.05.2003 E3 Screens
Jedis, Wookies, and Droids! Oh my! They give the purple light sabers to the more...eccentric Jedi Vaporization
Double light sabers waiting to be drawn The unfortunate victim is not pictured Sith attack!
Jeeze, outmatched don't you think? Look behind Wookie! "You talking to me you pile of bolts?"
This Jedi is on the defensive Now that is an impressive sandcrawler! An unfair fight?
Come now, we all know the dark side is more powerful... Join the Academy! It's a Jawa!
"I'm needing to get trashed!" "Wait, I was supposed to turn left at the trash compactor!" "I'd like to know why it has three 'y's' in its name."
Walking along He's very interested in Carth "Tsk tsk tsk, Master."
Run run! Well we know he's full of it don't we? Surrounded
Limbs are about to fly all about It's best not to look them in the eye Standing on a ship
He might take offense to that comment... Checking out the band on stage A more greyish Hutt
The droid opens fire INCINERATE! Misleading old folks is a classic passtime!
Hey honey! I caught dinner with my light saber! A storage area I bet it would be fun to take a ride on one of those
Shocking! Just ram that light saber down it's throat! Backflip
A scenic vista The wookie wants to take the controls If I were them, I'd stand back...far back...
Acrobatics. All in a day's work for a Jedi. That's one dead Tusken Raider! Toss it and see how many you can decapitate!
Try a Force Grip and drop it off the cliff The lightning is not just the Sith's power! Umm...turn around...
Another Sith skirmish "So, shall we place bets on a droid fight?"  
11.15.2002 Brand New Screens
A droid on a stroll Multi-colored lightsabers! Strange creatures around
The technicolor battle rages One angry mother... Two lightsabers are better than one!
Surrounding the droid Again, stealing the spotlight That's a big ship you got back there
Taking a look at the landscape Briliant sunlight bathes the port "Let's go kick some ass."
Fun at the aquarium! Assembly line killing "Can you help me find an air conditioner repairman?"
Acrobatic Jedi A little sinister interogation Maybe 'cause you don't look very friendly...
Spacer?! Even the noble Old Republic has corrupt corporations First command: "Shut up!"
Checking out the monitors Greedo's great great great great great grandfather Massive starship
"Prepare to become Bantha fodder!" "Look, I was just playin' with 'em..." Gamblin' time
Say "hi" back there Jabba! So Demolition Manish... "Didn't you know? Sunlight causes melanoma!"
Elegant yet lethal    
05.24.2002 E3 Screens
Dude, where's my pilot? My other ship is a Star Destroyer Droid Derby
Ooh...pretty You've got some shiny metal there mister Oh no! The Sith!
Talking in the landing bay Lots of debris Bow wow
Chatting with the droid Ow! That sun's too bright Weird dude
More of that ship in the bay Green lightsaber This is information, how may I help you?
Shooting towards a planet Blue lightsaber Green and red lightsabers
04.11.2002 More Screens
Lightsaber vs. Robot, part 1 Lightsaber vs. Robot, part 2 In the glare of the setting sun
He seems lost Walking towards the camera With a Wookie
A very metal room Let's see some ID Mobile guns
Armed exploration Curvy cityscape  
03.06.2002 First Screens
Dangerous fields A strangely empty city Loitering at night
Impending fight Wandering around Long hallway
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