Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Artwork
06.05.2003 E3 Artwork
Bastila Shan slices through a droid A Sith looms in the background An early Kimino?
A forest-top city The architechture blends into it's surroundings Canderous Ordo
A hammer-headed creature Saul Karath  
11.15.2002 Random Artwork
A droid Wouldn't want to fight that beast A shark-like fish
An artillery droid    
05.24.2002 E3 Artwork
Red droid Black and white world Looks more like Sick Bay from Star Trek
Pencil sketch of a ship Big architecture Landspeeder
Alien creature Docking Bay overlooking a planet  
04.11.2002 Fun With Art
You're next Tri-color At the helm
Dual blasters Female Jedi Suspended in space
Massive buildings Disgusting animal But how big is it really?
03.06.2002 People and Places
A not-so-pristine beach Sketchy person Mechanistic
Is that a light saber on your belt or are you just happy to see me? My, aren't we pleasant? Flying stingrays
Well-armed robots Nightmarish visions A gun with legs
I can see into your soul Mobile trash can  
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