Land Stalker - Screen Shots
06.22.2002 'Lifestock' location screens RPGClassics
In the kitchen other side of the river Inn keeper
Corner store Platforms and spikes Floating ledge
Sections and gaps Room where 'Pockets' is Saving Moralis
Bedroom the Green maze Green maze pathway
Cave in the cliffs Behind the waterfall Fox's Inn
Calling top bunk Fox mayor Expensive lifestock
Cave steps King Nole's cave Boulder bridge
Canyon Downward Side Button room
Skeletal room Hand of fate Marble madness
Spike balls The Quickfoot room Respawning chest
Your little snakes Beware the golems Futuristic cell
The final key After the duel Help from a guard
A house in Massan Massan's store Getting the fireproof boots
Greenpea's Mir's tower Old lady's pots
Chest in the library Purple jewel pit Mountainous woods
Behind the big tree Above the Moon Stone cave The crossroads
Dangerous platforms Way to Mir's tower Enterance to Twinkle village
A cliff in the wood More of the overworld Fisherman's house
Draw error Waterfall shop Bumpy ground
Gap to Destel Dense forest Sign to lake
Forest ledge Greedly's emporium Sacred trees
Ryuma's mayor Ryuma's shop The Great Lighthouse
Orc throne room Orc castle Pockets the thief
Falling platforms Hidden room Room with lithograph
Gold knight's defeat Miner's shop Verla mine
Red orc After the lava ordeal Prospero
Under the stairs The witch is dead
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