Star Ocean: The Blue Sphere - Screen Shots
06.20.2001 Story screens
Lost in space Surprising Cruising above the ocean
Of course, something went wrong The magic smoke is escaping! Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing
06.04.2001 More screens
Riflin' through the bushes He appears to have found something And there it is
Someone could use a decorator Watch your step Really, officer, it's medicinal!
Gonna make some items... ...gonna make 'em good. And here's what we get
He's got a stick! We'll whack him anyways Not fair! He's fighting back!
Stab it. Stab it good. Looks like that worked An interesting bestiary
He wasn't so tough Ow Equipment
Stats A tasty fish Sorting through items
All good heros carry frying pans    
10.26.2000 More screens Source: Magicbox
In a forest Talking Another conversation
Title Screen A town  
10.14.2000 Lots of animation Source: Tri-ace
Claude swimming Ernest in a field Bowman explores ruins
Dias spelunks A ship falls The crashed ship
Round one, FIGHT! Battle stillframe Gorilla fighting
Still more fighting Victory! Claude speaks to Rena
Rena speaks to Claude Someone else speaks to Rena Rena replies
Larva of some sort Stillframe of tree-climbing More swimming
Item creation More item creation Even more item creation
Status screen Fire spell Precis jumping
Opening a chest Another chest  
03.09.2000 First Screens Source: Pocket IGN
FIRE! Battle with a gorilla Ouch!
Rena? Claude crashes again? Nice looking ship there.
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