Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time - Screen Shots
05.03.2004 Random Areas & Various Vs Battle Shots
Snowy Town Traum Mountains Oooh a dragon!
Looks like a mining town Alias Someone left the gate open
Palmira Plains Tentacle Monster from the sky Chating with Maria
Foodstand Peterny Giant bird creature
Giant spinning vortex of doom Attacking from afar Ninja kill
Fairy floating around Heading around some wooden cabins The toad is talking to me...
Hanging out with a mermaid Doesn't light up much Desert cave
Old ruins Cliff dies from MP damage The monsters are really huge
Standing around on the beach Character select #1 Character select #2
Stage Select #1 Stage Select #2 Stage Select #3
Stage Select #4 Are you ready? Run away!
Casting spells He kicks high Super star attack
Firing a bunch of lazers Looks like he tripped Sophia wins!
Nel wins too! This could be trouble Pink ray blast
Firing up into the air probably won't help much Ninja Maid Barely dodges it
Well at least he is dressed nicely I'm sure she's ready Giant orange creature
Small random explosion Slice through the head Look I'm glowing
Fate hits from above Another pink ray attack Cliff stands on her body
What's everyone standing around for? Kick'n it together Close range special attacks
Jump kicks Mirage flying high in the air Huge slash
Cliff takes a beating Red dragon special attack Adray launches a fire ball
Cliff wins again There's that giant pink slash again Pink Spikes
01.13.2004 Director's Cut Shots MB
Displaying some teamwork "Incredible balance from the statues Ken" Game mode screen
Special Attack! One character select screen A close dagger-dodge
The second character screen Kicking up a storm A golem in heat
Heraldry! Build those guts! Pre-battle animations
Hurl da fireball An incredible combo Omniscient bridges
Chillin' in the cockpit Navigating the fountain maze Still hurlin'
Pretty cubic maze Overlooking a city of stone Catfight!
Miles above... Push dem cubes! A Souffle, not for eating
Bringing down the sky Explosion of pink proportions
05.23.03 Official E3 Screens
Fate's quite a flamer, heh heh. Close combat. Wheel slash of DOOM.
Acrobatic special moves. Ooo, shiny. Uhm... your shoes are getting wet.
More girls than guys...? Such graphical quality. Tasty. Hatching a "super sneeky" plan.
Cliff doesn't look happy. Lookin' good *wink* Conversing at the beginning of the game.
Cliche skeleton attack!
05.09.2003 A Few Screens
Exclusive screen goodness Indecision First private action
"What to choose?" The consequence "What choice is, I don't want to talk to you?"
"It was the second one." Attack of the midget Nice ears
Sitting down "Hey you!" "My name is ???"
"What do you mean I need more clothes?" In the heat of battle Group decision
A determined glance "What now?" "I get all the close ups."
Nel alone Nel alone again Item creation
Souffle talking like always "I don't always talk!" "Ahh what a cute child."
Running down the corridor "For being level 1, I have a lot of money." Taking the tour
In the snow "I want to be group leader." On the shuttle
"I made a ring of some kind." "You have a nice house." "Sorry, I'm a little distracted."
"Where did this old man come from?" Could you repeat that? "This spell will end it."
"You're saying way too much." "Gah, stop with the talking!" "No I don't want to buy anything."
More Private Action fun
10.12.2002 And Still More Screens  
Nel looks at Roger Cliff looks DOWN at Roger "Naughty Midget!"
Roger dreamily stares skyward Swinging your sword won't help Run Roger, Run!
Counter... Aura? Uh... shoryuken? Fate kicks an enemy
Air Slasher!... not. Roger demonstrates a low center of gravity Fate demonstrates Counter Aura
08.01.2002 Even More Screens The Magic Box
A view from outer space He doesn't look like the type who would be bird watching He's feeling frustrated
Hanging around Some nice pyrotechnic battle effects Running through a wasteland
More battle madness! We hope you enjoy jogging through the wilderness "I have an invisible flame thrower!"
What's with those weird circles? Code Red! Loitering
Talking to a hologram Running around the ruins If they're in space, why is there gravity?
"Computer, please browse to" All she does is look cute all day... "Hey! I'm a cutie pie as well!"
"Forget it. You will never exceed the level of cuteness that I have." The women in the game don't look half bad Painfull to say the least
A large metropolis "Eat yer stew! Boy!" She looks ready to kick some tail
Visiting a friend in the hospital This character looks like she's arrogant "I'm trying my best to look like Cloud Strife, sans the goofy hair."
I wouldn't make eye contact with him, that's for sure...    
06.13.2002 New High-Res Screens  
He's a mack daddy Look! Only a half-dragon! Winter, err, wasteland...
Char broiled human "Baby, let's just make out."  
05.14.2002 Some Official Screens  
Tropical setting Treasure cache Explore the ruins
Brightly-shining sun Battle slash Attack!
Runic circles Spell casting Fate appears slightly cross-eyed
Sophia is unnaturally happy Her name makes me hungry Cliff checks out the shadows
04.07.2002 More Screens GameSpot
Fighting with some sort of water creature Sprawling city Title screen
Mechanistic Long corridors Crud, shoelaces untied again
Flirting Giant sword arcs Technologically advanced
Flying through space    
11.04.01 First Screens The Magic Box
No Idea Talking in a Lobby Battletastic
Treasure Hunting Running around Exploring  
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