Star Ocean: The Second Story - Screen Shots
10.17.1999 Tons of Screens
A meeting An explosion The vastness of space
The credits over a city A port Credits over the planet
More credits About Claude About Rena
Something aimed at a planet Claude investigates Twiddling of thumbs
Falling down a hole A soft landing A short-range attack
Breathing is fun! Food! A guilty conscience
A star of death? Claude on the farm Scenic view
3 levels at once! All but one talent Another fight
Field of energy Zapping an enemy Phase Gun!
A midnight meeting An embarrasing situation Favorite niece
Grateful? Nah... A special night? Enter the castle
The castle Poison! Cross-dressing?
Pointing and laughing Leaving town A fortified bridge
A strange tower Overhead a town Rocks fall to the ground
Really high above a town A wall of water Tsunami!
Water through the streets More water The roofs of houses
The town, flooded Claude looks at the ruins Demons?
Group conference D'oh! Party time!
Another castle Pleading for success A Sharp Edge
Rena disses Claude Musically inclined? It's a Setzer clone!
More HP! Meeting Bowman Leon joins
A ship at sea Closing in on land Mechanical malfunction
Through the woods Leon is confronted Ernest joins
Facing Shin Shin boasts Some sort of weaponry
Taking aim Firing Charging
Energy burst Energy explosion A host of monsters
A glaring blast Mushroom cloud Bigger blast
A warning The bow of a ship The weapon charging up
Charging some more Preparing to fire Shin flies away
Shin and another demon The weapon hits Shin resists the shot
The attack succeeds Shin falls to the sea Speeches on the ship
Rena and Claud On top of a mountain In the middle of a room
A spherical computer Floating in space Mass destruction
A beam of light A ship in a field of energy The field of energy
The ship attacking Noel joins On top of a town
Money! Winner! Acquiring the Bunny Shoes
Getting the Jewel of Power Lots of money! A mysterious castle
A ship in space An energy beam The ship becomes damaged
More damage Energy surrounds the ship More energy flies by
Closeup of the ship A conical blast A fireball arcs forth
An energy wall The ship is badly damaged Boom!
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