Star Ocean - Screen Shots
10.13.2002 Disco Screens
Shiney title screen Groovin' in the sound player mode Forest battle
Finishing up the enemies The beach is less crowded than I thought I can rename her whatever I want, right?
Deciding battle formations Ronixis contemplates his skills Eureka! I gotz da mad skillz now
The ability list Forming combos with killer moves "Shining Dance" or "Magical Pose"?
It's time for item creation! How... did he make THAT... from a diamond? The horizontal menu screen
This fanzine shall aid me greatly in battle! A guitar! Even better!! Always use the "buddy system" when on Private Actions
The desert-falls of the desert Are you sure this ship is "unsinkable"? Ronixis faces off an ogre with only his bow
Approaching the outer city wall It's a mite crowded This coliseum battle is brought to you by Enix
Over the river and through the woods... VICTOLY! City in the forest
Cius and Joshua get stoned Cave spelunking The battle finishes with a bang
Are you quite sure Narshe is this way? Battles in the snow plains Toasty!
The spooky dungeon of Enix logos Skill! Guts!! Flying boomerang swords! Energy blasts everywhere
The werewolf snowflake attack Ganging up on the enemy City guards prevent unwanted monster immigration
There's no simplified "Mode-7" world map Ashlay's quick swordplay
08.19.2001 Retro Screens Ian Stewart
Standing on the bridge An explosion in space is always white Flying through a cloud
A ship against a starry backdrop Standing at a table You found a resurrect bottle
Menu screen Behind a building In battle
A battle command Slinking around outside at night I'll bet they can do a sweatdrop, too
Hey, wake up Water reflections An old letter
Ancient ruins Walking through a forest Fighting a rabbit
On the beach A colorful walkway Stoned
In the shadows On a bridge Now on a cliff
Strange bugs Beside a waterfall Something waiting at the top
Metallic corridor Hospital room of the future Back on the bridge
Locked on A conference room Fine dining
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