Shining Soul - Screen Shots
01.11.2004 Screen shot goodness
Intro Screen Storytelling A Visitor!
The Legend Power of Light The Four Heroes
Pledging to the People Unlikely Hero Evil Minions
Where am I? Moving Items Slimes Incoming!
Dropped an Item A Monument A Treasure Chest
Levelling a Skill Quick Chicken, Yum! Ganging Up
First Boss Angry Boss A Threat
Rolling Attack Victory Increasing Stats
Non-Equippable Item Selling Items Robot #1
Robot #2 Birdman Unlilely Hero 2
Rike Neenja Equippables Item Discovery
Item Storage Not Eligeable... Feeling Hurt
Unidentified Treasure Terrain Advantage A Mighty Whiff!
Magic User Ahead A Boobytrap Small Floor
Back to Town Plump Inventory Back to Dungeon
New Floor Needs Mouthwash? To the Boss
Colossus Colossus' Core More Ninja Action
Increasing Intelligence Close to Levelling Up Not-So-Lucky Aventurer
Hiding Out Shortcut to Boss Need to get Herb!
Down Another Floor Charging Up Beware Wily Bulzome
Levelling Information Thundering Boulders Levelling Intelligence
Another Dungeon Level STR required Bulzome in the Flesh
Great Aspirations Boss Screen Load Screen
Unlikely Hero 3
09.07.2003 Finally Some More
Don't forget the treasure! Halloween at the teepee Title screen
Showing the GBA link ability Checkerboard inventory Slash those demons!
Embrace the dialogue Eat your greens World map, Stage 1
He looks mean Teepee, revisited Battle of the forest
I'm confused Status for happy guy Could be packaging
03.01.2002 Another Look impress Watch
Purple people eaters? Linin' up at the teepee Surrounded!
Playing with fire Fight the enemies, or get the treasure?
01.21.2002 Got screens?
Smacking the slimes Wandering the hallways My thoughts exactly
Buy what you want    
10.11.2001 2 TSG screens
Battle Item Screen  
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