Shining Force Neo - Screen Shots
01.30.2005 Sharper screens than the last update! The Magic Box
A pretty tree-house village. Green fields with just a touch of tent. Your typical castle-like structure.
Ice fiends. In truth, it could be colder! This is as cold as it gets.
Could be honestly call this a beach "town"? Mechanical things in a medieval-type RPG?! Air trolleys are kicking rad.
The purpose of this machine is to make shinies. Teleporting in, perhaps? No clue.
Your typical menu.
12.30.2004 The Return of Blurry Screens The Magic Box
Glowy thing Glowy thing and large sword I don't even know what this is
Good old menus Glittery explosion He has a big sword
That could be some sort of stave... That might be a bladed weapon Gather around adventurers
Perhaps the casting of magicks Forested area
12.13.2004 Blurry Screens The Magic Box
Somebody getting ready to get a noogie Characters facing the camera It's dangerous to run with sharp objects, mmkay
Bodies everywhere A town The moment before the stabbing
Blurry picture of some pillars Casting a spell? Ahh, modern conveniences
Sparks flying Still running with sharp objects Overview of a town
Looks like a bangin' Halloween party Crowd of warriors Before an odd looking building
Those guys don't look friendly Ooh pretty, blurry colors A dock
This is what happens when you smoke while on a hay ride Crossing a bridge A decaying something or other
The eye of Sauron
11.23.2004 First Screens The Magic Box
A Desert Oasis Ambushed Death makes a cameo
Hero Shot I guess robes are the new fad Can you find the rainbow?
An audience with the king The Jolly Green Giant makes a cameo as well One room, please
Great use of color Let's make snow angels! Looking good
Explosion of power A save point maybe? Just arriving


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