Sea Dogs II - Screen Shots
02.25.2003 More Screens
Should we turn around captain? Can't this boat go any faster? Get the cannons ready
Are they checking me out? Home at last Where did I park my ship?
This will be quite a climb Let's board this ship It's just not big enough
My morning exercise I need to make lunch My sails are all ripped
Locked on target Time to pray Which random bystander should I kill today?
So this was in my basement What a gloomy town The storm is breaking up
We'll just shoot where every we want too What a nice day for a walk A horrible storm
Into the sunset Watch out for that mountain Land ho
What should I buy today? Get to work men Prepare for battle
03.30.2002 First Screens
In the midst of battle Ramming speed From the cannon's point of view
Storm battle Fighting at sunrise Cannonballs in flight
Arr, so ye wanna be a pirate Low-flying clouds Sailing at sunset
At a port Bay battle Rocky cliffs
Multiple-ship skirmish Defending the fort Behind the walls
Next to an island Fighting in the rain From the wall's perspective
It burns! Beneath a blood-red sky Ready...aim...
Night fight Ragged sails The moon sees all
At the manorhouse An eerily empty market Lush village
Deep night Don't look, it'll melt your eyes! It was a dark and stormy night
Distant target Peaceful sailing? Sailing between islands
Left behind Informative labels Deck aflame
Targeting the mast Sea level Cliff building
Riding the rough seas Pulling into port Pulling out of port
Wandering through the wilderness The cliff building at night Running through the rain
Driving rainstorm No, that's a ship Strange-looking ocean
Neat sky Looks a little shallow In a cove
Side of a ship Just sailing along Nobody's manning the cannons
The churning sea Giving chase A town house
The town house, from farther away A church Town talk
Skeleton of a ship Plush room The church from another angle
Wireframe room Ship construction workshop Fat royalty
Looking for a fight    
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