Sword of Mana - Screen Shots
10.07.2003 Official screens
Two-player view An important decision A little conversation
Evening the odds Rabite beating
Shadow Knight flashback. Oi, don't get too fired up on the bridge. Lester draws a crowd
Staple RPG behaviour: Trespassing. Don't remember that guy from FFA... Desert town!
Boss battle. Choose thy character. Don't break the contents, Hero.
Daytime battling. ...and nighttime battling. Undine!
Salamando!... or is it Salamander here? Heave! The cat boss is back. What memories...
We're looking for treas-ha! The Vampire is back, too. Yes!
05.16.2003 New Screens
Wheeee! When rabbites attack Niccolo
Jump! Jump! Every game has a evil plant Three on one
04.25.2003 A Few Screens
What a difference! Select a name please. That cats gone wild.
Batman! Time to sacrifice you to the Dark God. It's like a cave in here.
Haha is that all you've got? I don't like playing myself. So I'll play as the woman.
Player selection. This is highway robbery! You hurt my monster. *cries*
Nothing beats flashbacks. I don't remember this in FFA... The ring system is back.
I can have candy? Mmm, candy.
03.03.2003 First Screens
Well this is awkward. I have a weapon this time. Rabbites attack with full force.
Can't get in this way. I hope your getting your moneys worth. None shall pass.
Could you move a little closer? I hope I don't fall. Take this!
Right on target.
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