Seiken Densetsu 3 - Screen Shots
07.13.2002 Lots more screens
What's a rook doing there? I think she's got the hots for him Dancing girls
Level up, wahoo! Aliens? Demolished town
Save me! Save me! Evil man More blue haired dancers
That's not Big Bird for sure Bubbles the crab The Mana Holy Land
The six heros of SD3 The Mana Tree, Mana Sword, and faeries "I can hold it in!" *puke*
Vroom vroom, move over! Black rain of death Vampires suck blood
We love you! ♥ Ooh...fiya pwitty! Studly strut
Water park From the depths of...somewhere Pretty energy blast
Lightning bolt Engulfed in flames Peace by a grave
The infamous Death Spell Poisoned! Making a firestorm
The obligatory airship Circle of evil Enter the Wicked Witch of the West
Overlooking the world with Flammie! Attack of the baby rabites The Mana Goddess
Dark evil spell A Mana Crystal releasing its energy Fire and ice
Screen Shots
A cave area A forest area The overworld map
Pumpkin Yeti boss
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