Seiken Densetsu 3 - Reader Review

One of the most Improved Sequels, Seiken Densetsu 3, dies before reaching America

By Jessie Dawson

Review Breakdown
   Battle System9.0
   Replay Value9.5
   Time to Complete30 hours per quest 

   Seiken Densetsu 3, the sequel to Secret of Mana, is a sin. Not only was the project 2/3 translated, but Nintendo ditched the project at the last second to release Mario RPG and Secret of Evermore instead, two games that were considered So/So by the majority of the public. Seiken Densetsu 3 was anything but So/So, but this was a sad choice made by Nintendo. Even when one of the articles of Nintendo Power had a preview of this game, it was still decided not to be unreleased.

   One of the must lush games on the Super Nintendo, this game delivers Detail in Spades. From the very beginning, you are swept off with a Piano and Flute duet, then a shot of the Mana Sanctuary. The Characters are very well designed, and don't border on sharing the same personalities, which is often overdone. Angela, the magician, is nothing like Kevin, the werewolf fighter, As is Charlotte to Reisz, Duran to Hawkeye. The Music is one of the best I've heard, only second to Final Fantasy 6 in soundtracks, and the song "Return to Forever" is exquisite. Really.

   The plot on here is a "Triangle Story" which means you can play it several different ways. Out of six characters, you may choose 3 to start the quest, one you start with, and two others you meet in time. This helps with an immense amount of replay value. Not only can you choose new combinations, but depending on your lead character, you may fight entirely different enemies and bosses, with a different final area. But also, there are 2 class changes! You can choose for your character to be light or dark once at level 18, then you can get another class change at level 38 to be dark or light again. Class changes give you different spells with different special attacks. This results in a dark-dark, light-light, or a neutral class. The straighter combinations give you stronger powers, but the neutral combinations usually give you more of a variety of spells. I thought this was a nice touch. This deals another ace for the Replay value!

   Also, this game can be very difficult. One of the last bosses, the Prince of Darkness, is very difficult, as are some of the characters that can just instantly kill you in one move. I love a game with a challenge, but sometimes it gets insane, especially when you have bad fighters in your party.

   The game is a kick. But let's see. It does have its flaws. First of all, you may be fighting a boss, and you will hit the button to bring up your menu, but you can't hit it. Even when you aren't doing anything. Sometimes, the action slows down slightly in the middle of the game, during a big fight scene. Also, the plot can be weak at time. There are moments when you have to fight the elemental jinjus, and you spend about 10 hours just fighting! That could have been filled with plot twists instead....

   But that didn't really bother me. I love this game. I'm on a new game even now, and I adore it. The Black Rabite, the secret enemy, will take quite a while to beat it. ::Grumbles:: If you ever see this for a reasonable price, take a good ponder about it!

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