Sakura Taisen 3 - Screen Shots
05.28.2001 Out and About Screens  
Red and Cross. Get it? Blue battle robot That's a lot of pink robot!
Big claws, ready to strike Black robot, ready to fire Contemplating the sunrise
Suave Mr. Business Strike a pose Pretty, pretty please?
Angelic looking Cute and happy, awww.... Dancing with Ms. Dreamboat
Blond closeup *Facepalm!* Perky
Ultra-serious Up close and personal You want how much?
Pretty fireworks "Okay, here's the plan..." Smile for the camera!
01.11.2001 Anime with a side of screens Source:
"Hug me!!! Tee-hee! ^-^" Sleezy looking neon building R2D2 strikes a pose
She discovers she missed the clearance at the mall ..then realizes there's another one next week Robot posing with a fruity looking background
That translates to "No dice." A flaming robot ...and a watery one
Her inner voice knows she's bad _ Her 'hair' is actually a feather duster She's detirmined to move her hand..
Robot + electrical socket = no. A robot, fire and a meter thing Moogle wannabes!!
"Ooohh.. shiny thing.." Cheerleading.. bluh *scary music and thunder clashes*
A guy stands in from of a magazine stand Red bulding standing proud NO!! She broke a nail..
Bowling with watermelons. The newest fad The voice was right! "This way to the clearance!
She really wants to get to that clearance Pretty sky and more proud bulding-age "I like pie :)))"
"NO!! they CAN'T be out of Herbal Essences!!!" Stuff ..and more stuff
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