Sakura Taisen 2 - Screen Shots
06.22.2000 Anime Shots Source: RPGFan
A girl Another girl Nice trenchcoat
Purple ponytails! Karate Fighter? A happy child?
Character Composite Don't Shoot! Unknown Tool Girl!
I know how to use this! Brightness in the shadows Bead Girl
Return of the big hair First Love? Salute!
More Salutes Hello to you too! This is why I don't like buses
Looking out the window More looking! I hope he's just moving fast...
Another person standing in fire Petal Breeze Escaping?
Comfortable? Gust of Wind? The way out!
And I mean that! The Standard Lady Something very dark!
Big Robot! Watchout behind you! Thumbs up!
Taking Control! Mechanical Tower? Happy with glasses!
Please don't hit me Attack! I'm ready..are you?
06.22.2000 First Screens - Character Displays Source: RPGFan
Character Shot 1 Character Shot 2 Character Shot 3
Character Shot 4 Character Shot 5 Character Shot 6
Character Shot 7 Character Shot 8 Character Shot 9
Character Shot 10 Character Shot 11 Character Shot 12
Character Shot 13 Character Shot 14 Character Shot 15
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